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Interested in being an Exhibitor at the Detroit Boat Show?
Contact Bethany Sly at 734.261.0123, ext. 2 or email bsly@mbia.org.

Portal includes: invoices. making payments. MBIA Forms.

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Contact: Bethany Sly, Director of Exhibit Sales – bsly@mbia.org or 734.261.0123 ext. 2

To purchase exhibitor insurance through Rainprotection Insurance for $129 or $159, click here.


Online Promotional Materials

Take advantage of the online tools available to exhibitors. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions to download and incorporate banners into your Eblasts, newsletters, websites or any other promotional materials. COMING SOON!

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Advertise in the Floorplan and
Consumer Communications

Get your ad into the hands of 68,000+ attendees expected at this year’s Detroit Boat Show. With a bigger show and more boats to see, visitors are sure to pick up a guide and see your ad! Gain exposure with an affordable advertisement. Contact Amanda Wendecker at awendecker@mbia.org for more information.


Michigan Boating Industries Association (MBIA) produces three consumer boat shows. Each show offers a unique experience for show goers and sponsors, but all shows share the same quality experience and value that comes from being produced by Michigan’s only marine trade association – MBIA, which has been producing consumer events since 1958. Sponsors are invited to sponsor each show independently or take advantage of multi-show discounts.

Collectively, our three boat shows offer:

  • Face-to-face exposure to more than 80,000 boating enthusiasts.
  • Product branding/logo inclusion in $350,000 media advertising.
  • Test drive, surveying, product sampling, and other exciting interactive opportunities to a perfectly matched demographic.
  • A solid affiliation with the official state association for the entire marine/boating industry which contributes $3.9 billion to the Michigan economy annually.

Thousands of Attendees! Strong demographics! Families visiting MBIA Boat Shows have: Household incomes between $50k and $99k (44%) Household incomes between $100k and $149K (22%) Household incomes more than $150k (23%) 45% of attendees are prime ages of 35-54 years, 75% are 25-54 years 48% are college graduates 49% own one boat, 33% own two and 18% own 3 or more 75% of all boats in Michigan are towable

A powerful boating market! The Great Lakes Region has more than 1/3 of all registered boats in the U.S. Michigan alone has nearly 1 million registered boats on file. Conservatively speaking, the industry estimates more than 4 million people in Michigan enjoy recreational boating as a favorite past time. Boating contributes $3.9 billion annually to Michigan’s economy and represents more than 54,000 jobs Boat Shows remains strong roll in boat buying process!

New research continues to affirm Boat Shows remain an important tool in the boat buying process. Nearly six-in-ten (57%) of those surveyed attended a boat show in the 12 months before they bought their most recent boat. This research also shows that pre-purchase show attendance increases with household income and that nearly 50% attended two or more boat shows before purchasing their boat. Source: 2010 Boat Show Strategy Report, Foresight Marketing Research. For sponsorship opportunities, please contact: Amanda Wendecker at 734.261.0123, ext. 3 or awendecker@mbia.org